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Candor Info Solution Pvt.Ltd. was incorporated on 24 march to ISP Service is an "A"category Internet service provider (ISP) certified by Department of Telecom (DoT),India. it offers IPPBX Webcasting Network Data Center networking ,development and dealing of hardware and software and to provide solutions to them..We launched wireless internet services in August 2008. We offers high speed,low cost and high quality internet services

We are offering wireless and wired internet services at a surprisingly low cost with high speed connectivity. The service is always ON, there is no dial ups, no extra phone lines, no busy signals, no disconnection. Just switch ON your PC and start surfing. You are always connected to internet. As our services are based on WiFi and Wimax technology, so there is no fiber cut and link down problem.

We are committed to providing a professional and personal support service to meet the needs of your business.We are not charging any additional pay for our technical support services High speed internet access & True internet access always on Online account management and usage reporting.



With our own IPTV, OTT and Multiscreen Service, we are the first and only organization giving multiscreen benefit android enclose India. It gives brilliant TV experience without any up gradation of your old TV. This permits IPTV and OTT specialist co-ops the adaptability to institutionalize their equipment and oblige new screen resolutions and encoding gauges without significant hardware changes..

Fiber to The Home

Fiber to the home (FTTH), likewise called FTTP is the establishment of optical fiber from a main issue straightforwardly to singular structures for example condo structures and organizations to give extraordinary rapid Internet access. .

Intercom & Telephony

An intercom , talkback or door phone is a stand-alone voice communications system for use inside a building or little gathering of structures, working autonomously of the general population phone arrange z.

IP Phone

As the basic modal of the SNOM business telephone family. the SNOM fulfils the most important requirments of VOIP telophony and additionally offers numerous functions that are indispensable in the business world.


The Linksys delivers clear.high-quality voice communication in diverse network conditions. the Linksys is interoperable with common telephony equipment like voice mail, Fax,PBX,and interactive voice response systems.


Voice over IP (VoIP, abbreviation of voice over Internet Protocol) commonly refers to the communication protocols, technologies, methodologies, Other terms commonly associated with VoIP are IP telephony.


It is an impeccable convergence networking solution of Data and Video and High Speed Fiber Internet makes working init.

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Candor InfoSolution has emerged as one of the leading Broadband Service providers in the top cities in India.
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Broadband connection without faster speed is not more than a trash for the users. Today when the world is moving at fast pace and everything is going digital, it is important to have strong broadband connection with faster speed for a hassle free access to the web world. With an aim to transform the way internet was used earlier, candor strives to bring latest technologies and techniques to boost the connectivity and enhance the speed.

The worth of candor broadband can be noticed from the fact that it has established a strong position in Delhi NCR that too in a short span of time. Understanding the different requirement of different users, candor offers best and affordable data plans with high-speed connection.

Terms Conditions:- Online Payment Refund & Cancellation Policy: You can cancel your subscription within 24 hours of login by sending us an email. The refund shall be processed within 7-10 working days from the date of the cancellation request and subject to receipt of the refunds from the service provider. If we have received the payment through a valid credit/debit card, then the same will be refunded to your credit/debit card. Payments made using any other form of payment will be refunded by cheque within a maximum of 30 days from date of cancellation. All refunds shall be processed subject to processing of refunds by the respective payment service provider.

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IP Phone

IP Phone As the basic modal of the SNOM business telephone family. the SNOM fulfils the most important requirments of Volp telophony.


IPTV stage gives quick access to many channels,combined with alternatives and imaginative administrations, for example, Video-on-Demand and Catch Up TV for watchers who need to watch a program post-communicate.


It is a carrier network also known as neutral network where unlimited service providers can be carried through one FTTH cable as per the customers leverage regarding the choice of ISP.


It is an impeccable convergence networking solution of Data and Video and High Speed Fiber Internet makes working ,, fiber lines go straight to your home, so you're perusing is as quick as would be prudent.

corporate Packages


CORPORATE is a highly scalable, protocol agnostic, data-carrying mechanism. In an CORPORATE network, data packets are assigned labels. Packet-forwarding decisions are made solely on the contents of this label, without the need to examine the packet itself. The primary benefit is to eliminate dependence on a particular OSI model data link layer technology, such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Frame Relay, Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET) or Ethernet, and eliminate the need for multiple layer-2 networks to satisfy different types of traffic. MPLS belongs to the family of packet-switched networks.

Leased Line

Leased lines services (or private line services) became digital in the 1970s with the conversion of the Bell backbone network from analog to digital circuits. This conversion allowed AT&T to offer Dataphone Digital Services (later re-branded digital data services) that started the deployment of ISDN and T1 lines to customer premises to connect.


Broadband Internet service truly is the most used form of Internet access because of its high access speeds; it is offered in four different forms, DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line), also fiber-optic, cable, and satellite. The old dial-up connection is the only non-broadband internet service available, and even though it is cheaper, most Internet users are moving towards the faster broadband Internet connection.


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