The laws of India shall govern this Agreement.The parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts in New Delhi. The Customer shall abide by all the applicable laws, rules and / or regulations and shall keep candor infosolution Pvt.Ltd. indemnified against any damage, loss and claims arising out of its negligent acts or omissions. The Customer must indemnify viva comunications against any claims or Legal Proceedings arising from provision of Service, which are brought against candor infosolution Pvt.Ltd. by any one using Service under or through Customer because:

1. Service is used in breach of terms /conditions in this Agreement.

2. Service is faulty and cannot be used by a 3rd Party.

The LICENSEE shall not engage provision of any other Telecom SERVICE unless so licensed. For the avoidance of doubt, it is, hereby declared that nothing shall preclude the LICENSEE from engaging in advertising and promotional activities relating to any of the Applicable Systems.

Voice communication from anywhere to anywhere by means of dialing a telephone number (PSTN/ISDN/PLMN) as defined in National Numbering Plan is not permitted. Originating the voice communication service from a Telephone in India is not permitted. Terminating the voice communication to Telephone within India is not permitted. Establishing connection to any Public Switched Network in India and/or establishing gateway between Internet & PSTN/ ISDN/PLMN in India, is not permitted. use of dial up lines with outward dialing facility from nodes is not permitted. Obscene material and applicability of Cyber Laws: The LICENSEE shall ensure that objectionable, obscene, unauthorized or any other content, messages or communications infringing copyright, Intellectual property right and international & domestic cyber laws, in any form or inconsistent with the laws of India, are not carried in his network, the ISP should take all necessary measures to prevent it. In particular, LICENSEE is obliged to provide, without delay, all the tracing facilities of the nuisance or malicious messages or communications transported through his equipment and network, to authorized officers of Government of India/State Government, when such information is required for investigations of crimes or in the interest of national security. The license shall be governed by the provisions of the Information Technology (IT) Act 2000, as modified from time to time. Any damages arising out of default on the part of licensee in this respect shall be sole responsibility of the licensee. The use of the network for anti-national activities would be construed as an offence punishable under the Indian Penal Code or other applicable law. The networks cannot be used in such a manner as to endanger or make vulnerable a networked infrastructure. Acts such as break-ins or attempted break-ins of Indian networks shall be regarded as an anti-national act and shall be dealt with in accordance with the Indian Penal Code. ISPs must ensure that their services are not used for such purposes. In case any confidential information is divulged to the LICENSEE for proper implementation of the Agreement, it shall be binding on the LICENSEE, its sub-contractors, agents and servants to maintain its secrecy and confidentiality.

(F) FORCE MAJEURE candor infosolution Pvt.Ltd. shall not be responsible or liable for any failure on its part to fulfill its obligations contained herein if such failure is on account of a force Majeure event. Force Majeure shall mean such unforeseeable occurrences beyond the reasonable control of a party such as: 8141. Acts of God, natural catastrophes, frequency interference from external source, epidemics, earthquakes; 8156.

Strikes and blockades; either by candor infosolution Pvt.Ltd. personnel or other affecting Service. 8171. War or war-like conditions, mobilization, revolutions or riots, acts of public enemy, sabotage, terrorism; 8186. Restriction by or actions, omissions or interventions of Indian public authorities (including but not limited to changes in laws, regulations or import / export, security restrictions).

5. Disconnection or deterioration of service by candor infosolution Pvt.Ltd. as vendor.

6. The party who wishes to plead Force Majeure shall inform the other party on the effect of Force Majeure has on the fulfillment of this Agreement.